Grants/fellowships during Covid-19

Impact of Covid-19 on calls & applications, evaluation, projects
[last updated: 6 Nov 2020]

April 02, 2020

Last updated: Fri, 6 Nov 2020 (last updated text marked in red, if relevant). This site was first published on 2 Apr 2020.
Next update release: Fri, 20 Nov 2020 evening, at the latest.

This site is to inform Max Planck scientsts and administrators about short to mid-term consequences for third-party funding activities during the Covid-19 situation. It is "work in progress" and will be updated continuously over the next weeks and months. If you want to contribute, inform me about broken web links, or provide corrections, pls. do e-mail me directly.

Widely imposed social and mobility restrictions everywhere are having an impact on proposal submission and evaluation activities, and on the project implementation (e.g. delays re calls, project start or implementation, cancellation of travels, meetings & conferences, staff recruitment delays, etc.).

Positively, funding institutions like e.g. the Commission of the European Union (based on Art. 51 MGA, "force majeure"), the German DFG and the BmBF, and many foundations like the German Alexander von Humboldt, are increasingly providing guidance and allowing for scientific and financial/administrative flexibility. I have also been personally in touch since 19 Mar 2020 with several of my colleagues in these institutions, and a webinar was held by the National Contact Points of the Federal German Research Ministry (BmBF) for multipliers.

The following provides a brief overview, incl. links to the funding agencies’ Covid-19 official sites (bottom):

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