Course: Career Maker Workshop

  • Start: Jun 12, 2020
  • End: Jul 19, 2020
  • Location: online only
Course: Career Maker Workshop

Career Maker Workshop

During your academic studies and PhD work, you spend plenty of time learning scientific facts and methods in your specific field of study. But no one teaches you how to translate that academic knowledge into a successful career that matches your goals and talents. This course introduces you to a systematic approach for building a personal career vision, based on your individual goals, experiences and talents – be it in an academic setting or beyond. You’ll be enabled to put yourself into the driver’s seat of your career and efficiently tackle typical obstacles along the way.

Module 1: Kickoff Workshop: 7th and 8th October (9-13 Uhr)

Group work, two half days:

• Finding out about your knowledges, skills, talents and wishes

• Defining your sweet spot in the multidimensional career universe

• Specifics of academic career pathways

• The formal and informal job market

• Your next steps / goals

Module 2: Online Self-Study Period: 5th – 12th of November

One month, individual work, with additional input, nudges and exercises on:

• Your progress along your next steps / goals

• Tools and tips for career support, decision making and from Positive Psychology

Module 3: One-on-one career coaching: One appointment between 8th – 12th of November, 1.5h

Individual work with the instructor, up to 1,5 hrs, covering:

• A deep dive into your specific questions

• Refining your personal career vision

• Addressing concrete challenges and developing individual plans for action

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